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A book about the three cities I spent most of my life in: the book contains a contribution by me on my time in Prague. I had the biggest live night club there and tried to bring back the Avant-Garde to Prague – 15 years too early. Or 80 years too late, depending on your viewpoint. A great read! With photographs by me.

City Primeval. New York, Berlin, Prague

curated by Robert Carrithers & Louis Armand
ISBN TBA (paperback, full colour)
Publication date: September 2017
Price: € 35.00 (not including postage)

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CITY PRIMEVAL is a constellation of personal documentaries of place & time by key contemporary writers, poets, musicians, designers, filmmakers, photographers, artists, editors, performers from within the New York, Berlin & Prague underground scenes from the late 1970s to the present; from New York Post-Punk & No Wave, to the fall of the Berlin Wall & Reunification, to the Velvet Revolution & the Prague Renaissance; including contributions by Bruno Adams, Darina Alster, Penny Arcade, Louis Armand, Dale Ashmon, J.Jackie Baier, Marketa Banková, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, Bert, Lina Bertucci, Gaby Bíla-Günther, Mykel Board, Victor Bockris, Christoph Brandl, Robert Carrithers, among others.


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