Picture taken: October 24 2018 6 am – 6 pm
Place: Iceland, Volcano „Hekla“
Camera used: Rolleiflex 6008, 25 years old film

I have taken pictures of volcanoes worldwide for the past 5 years. While volcanoes appear to be very different from the outside, their age-old mythological genesis resemble one another. They are often great tales of love and devotion, good and evil.

For centuries the Icelandic volcano „Hekla“ was considered the gateway to hell, nature surrounding „Hekla“ seemed to be hell’s forecourt. Jules Verne devoted the opening of his adventure book: ‚Journey to the Center of the Earth‘ to the land. Yet, people didn’t leave this gruesome territory, instead they tried to reach „Hekla’s“ peak countless times, until they finally succeeded. Thus depriving „Hekla“ and her Gods of its deadly reputation.