The active volcano Tangkuban Parahu consists of four craters, with a depth of up to 500 meters. The craters have possess numerous natural hot springs, boiling water effervesces in some of them, others are fuming with Carbon Dioxide gases, too toxic to come close.
Not far from here lies Lake Kawah Putih, the White Crater. It represents a relatively stable volcanic system with no records of significant activity since around 1600.

Kawah Putih is an highly acid lake, which changes colour from bluish to whitish green, or brown, depending on the concentration of sulfur and the temperature or the oxidation state. Living being mustn’t spend more than a couple of minutes close to the lake.

In and around the lake itself exists no life.

There are 11 pictures in the project. I took them with an old SLR camera.
The pictures were taken in February, 2018. I have not finished the research into the materiality yet. At present I‘m looking into printing on silver plates, to preserve the whitish glow the pictures have.

I‘m presuming their sizes will be 60 x 40. cm.

All works are originals.

THE LEGEND OF SANGKURIANG will follow after the pictures


A long time ago the king of West Java tried to marry off his beautiful daugther Dayang Sumbi. Many kings asked her to be their wife, but no one succeeded. The king despaired. One day while Dayang Sumbi was weaving the reel fell out of the palace window on a street. She swore that anyone who found it will be made her sister, if she was a woman. If a man he will be made her husband. A black dog named Tumang bit the drapery and returned it to her. Dayang Sumbi was confused, but didn‘t want to break her oath for fear of the curse of the Gods. She didn‘t know that Tumang was a God himself, who was cursed to be an animal and thrown to earth. He turned into a God again during one hour a day. Dayang Sumbi married Tumang and soon recived a son from him named Sangkuriang, who never knew that Tumang was his father.

Sangkuriang often accompanied his father during the hunt. One day Dayang Sumbi asked her son to seek the heart of a deer. During their next hunt the son wanted to please his mother. But when finding a deer Tumang could not catch it. Sangkuriang became angry and sent an arrow in his direction. Tumang died instantaneoulsy at the hands of his son.

Upon returning home, Sangkuriang surrendered Tumang’s heart to his mother declaring it was the deer’s heart his mother asked for. Dayang Sumbi realized that this was a lie. Finally, Sangkuriang admitted that what he brought was the heart of his friend’s dog, Tumang. Dayang Sumbi was angry to hear about his son’s behavior. In her anger she threw a scoop at Sangkuriang’s head causing a scar. Sangkuriang felt hurt over his mother’s action. He felt she had more respect for a dog than her own son and ran away from his mother.

Dayang Sumbi was sorry for her actions when she saw her son leave. She left the palace also and lived on as a hermit. The Gods gave her a lasting beauty so that Dayang Sumbi always looked young. Years later Sangkuriang became a handsome young man and met a beautiful girl. They fell in love. The beautiful girl was his mother, who had changed her name and had not realized that the boy she loved was her own child. Before their wedding day, Dayang Sumbi saw the scar on Sangkuriang‘s head and realized that he was her own son.

Dayang Sumbi was looking for a reason to thwart her marriage with his own child. She told him she would marry him under one condition: Sangkuriang blocked the Citarum river and made a large boat for her to cross the river. The work must be fulfilled before dawn. Sangkuriang accepted. To meet these demands he implored the help of the Gods.

With the supernatural creatures, Sangkuriang’s work was almost finished even though the day was not yet dawning. Dayang Sumbi was worried and asked for the help of the Gods. When she spread her sacred white fabric she had woven the sky suddenly turned orange and the rooster started to crow.

Sangkuriang sensing he was tricked got angry. In his rage he broke the dam and large floods hit the village. The water of the lake receded, he kicked the boat, it overturned and gradually became a mountain. The mountain was named Tangkuban Perahu, meaning: boat upside down. Sangkurian pursued his mother, who fled and disappeared. She was believed to turn into a Jaksi flower. He vanished into fairy islands.

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