New project produced: -> Center of the Earth To be presented for the first time to an audience: 26th of April 2019 in Berlin ————– Find me on

IN LIMBO, expanded

For an exhibition in Münster, Germany, Thursday, 4th of July, 2019, 19h, St. Raphaelsklinik, Loerstraße 23 48143 Münster – parking across the street in a parking garage – I added 5 works to the initial project IN LIMBO, which originates and still hangs in Diani Beach, Kenya: -> IN LIMBO ————– Find me on

Rüdiger von Sanden, Asia scientist and expert on Chinese and South-East Asian art talks about ‚Toxic Craters‘

“The dimension of time and the temporal movement in space are made transparent by this hitherto unseen art form: The millennia-old, but up to the present day historically significant, organic material marble and the technological-digital inorganic printing process of these photos permeate each other on the marble slab, merge, and the temporally individual dissolves in…
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